Rum chocolate three types comparison! ! Midnight Fair(testpage)

お酒入りチョコレート Episode

Good evening. It is Dragon.
I like wine, but I often eat sweets as a snack.
This time, I would like to compare my favorite snack, rum-filled chocolate, this time.

This time, I would like to do a review of the 3 types that I sold to a supermarket in my neighborhood.


Strong impact! “ラム&レーズン(meito)”


When chewed, it has a strong lamb taste and aroma. The taste of dark chocolate is also good after that. Alcohol is 3.8%.
There is an impact that seems to be like I drank alcohol even with this chocolate single item because there is only ONE’S BAR CHOCOLATE.
It is better to eat it separately than eating it with wine, as there is a strong claim

The Classic Chocolate!”Rummy(LOTTE)”


Here is a familiar Rummy. Alcohol is 3.7%. Why is it winter limited? I want to eat all year round.
Because it is raw chocolate, it tastes like soft chocolate. And it feels like Ram doesn’t argue too much, so it’s not enough to eat it alone, but it’s just right for wine companions.
Because it is like a plate chocolate, you will eat one in a while while you say one more block, another one block



Like a whiskey bonbon, bite and feel a good drink. The flavor and taste of the lamb are strong, and the lamb remains after the finish. Alcohol is 3.8%. This should also be eaten separately.
Speaking of Meltykiss, it is winter-limited chocolate, and there is chocolate with a fluffy texture with matcha and strawberry taste, and I have a feeling of being a little upscale and rare chocolate, but I love it, but this curdling lamb & raisin is It’s a hard chocolate that’s tight enough to trap alcohol. So it’s completely different from ordinary Meltykiss without alcohol. Personally, chocolate with ram raisins is preferred to be hard.
Also, I think that the cuteness and luxury of the box are better than other chocolates.


I thought once again that it should not be combined with wine (sweat). If you eat wine, it is Rummy. For the other two, you can enjoy just one single item.
When everyone went to bed, I enjoyed watching the show with a glass of wine.
As I can not go to drinking parties, I can not enjoy childcare without such fun. maybe.