Dragon Family Life

I will write a trial and error everyday with 3 children including twins. In addition to life journals, we will share information about food, travel, and other information that is a bit of concern, and Japanese culture, and have created this blog with the hope that it will be useful for life and if it is a break from life. Thank you !!



A 30-year-old engineer in Osaka, father of 3 children. A Kyushu boy from Miyazaki Prefecture.

As for the origin of the name “Dragon”, a friend says Dragon because the dragon Kanji is in the real name, but a little embarrassed to be called in town.

Occupation: Company employee, blogger, investor
Favorite things: Wine, Okonomiyaki, gadget news, B’z(Musician)

Dragon Family
  • NAO:She also posts this blog.  She is 30’s homemaker from Aomori Prefecture. Dividers who do the secretary of mom friend association every time. Eat well, sleep well, laugh well mom

  • MUSUME:2016/10/29 birth. A cheerful and caring elder sister. Because she is always running around, and often get hurt. she like to sing and dance. I am good at playing with tools.

  • MUSUKO1:2019/1/15 The twin’s older brother. Maybe because he was crushed by his brother since he was in his mother’s stomach, so he always have a troubled face. Strong habit hair. He is kind older brother who bears his finger immediately and endures even if he cries.

  • USUKO2:2019/1/15 The twin’s elder brother. Contrary to his brother, he always have a clear face. Straight hair. If he become hungry or uncomfortable even a little, he will cried, and if the request is fulfilled, he will fall asleep in time, and the free-minded boy.