Picnic in Expo Park@Osaka


We went to the Expo Park for picnic with my husband’s friend couple ☆

I’m in the style of rucking a stroller & luggage, and husband hug a string & pulling a daughter’s hand. But the calculation mistake!

It was long distance for my daughter from the parking lot to the park . She managed to walk to the entrance , but the Expo Park is large! !

After entering the park, Dragon kept his backpack and hugged his daughter and walked for a long time.And that day was hot.

Delivery pizza for lunch ☆

The home delivery pizza was brought to the entrance. I wanted to lighten the package a little, so it was helpful to bring me to the entrance!

My daughter eats everything as it is, so I tried to give rice balls in front of the pizza, but after all it was not enough and ate gratin and the pizza.

After that, Musume enjoy playing with Shabon Ball and Ball. ☆ Adults also enjoyed talking and eating!

This is something that comes out of a bubble just by pressing a button. I need some tips, but I was so hooked with adults that I played.

My daughter became sleepy and tired, so Dragon hugged her and came back again.

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