Indian Curry mahek@Toyonaka


It is an introduction of the restaurant which goes well Dragon Family.

I often go by car, but this shop will pay 100 yen if I present a parking certificate for a nearby (possibly) coin parking lot.

The outside looks like this. There is a cute elephant.

As we often go for lunch, we order from lunch menu. Dragon is always C lunch, dry.

You can also order from this regular menu.
I always worry about Choconan, but after all I do not ask.

It also seems that there is alcohol. As it is until 17-23 o’clock in the evening, it seems to be usable as a bar. Do you feel that Chicken Tikka is full of snacks?

Mahak Special Set ¥ 5,890 (2 person)!!


[Mon-Fri] 11:00-15:00, 17:00-23:00
[Sat, Sun, Holiday] 11: 00-23: 00
Address: 3-9-6 Harada Motomachi, Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture
10 minutes from Hankyu Sone Station Hankyu Bus Harada Motomachi 3-chome stop
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