Twin was Born

twin born Family

twin bornJanuary 15, 2019. Finally, a twin boy was born to the Dragon family.
The left is the eldest son (Son 1) and the right is the second son (Son 2).

Because they are zygotic, there are quite a few differences. Son 1 always had a troubled face, and although he had a solid outline, Son 2 had a clean and clean face.

In the belly, Son 1 is on the lower side, Son 2 is from the upper side, it seems to have been dressed as if to step on the face of the brother with his butt, it may be the reason.

Both of them are over 2500 g and larger for twins.
My son 2 was in GCU (Growing support room) only for 2 days because of hypoglycemia.
On January 22, both mom and son were discharged without any problem.

One and a half months until delivery, mom was hospitalized for rest,
The stomach has grown so much that She can hardly walk after January.

first-kodomo-shotMy daughter(Musume) was also willing to take care of two babies.
Get along well !!

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